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One pillar on the way to a fully integrated system-wide information management (SWIM) in the aeronautical domain is AIXM 5. Our solutions are based on AIXM 5 and take advantage of the resulting possibilities, e.g. the integrated visualization of AIXM 5 static data as well as electronic obstacle and terrain data (eTOD).

Furthermore, our solutions support the transition to a fully integrated aeronautical information management (AIM) by providing corresponding mapping components. This e.g. includes the conversion from AIXM 4.5 to AIXM 5 as well as the conversion from "old" NOTAM to Digital NOTAM, which are also based on AIXM 5.

At this place you will soon find further information about our demonstrators related to the following topics.

AIXM 5 Viewer

Static data and obstacles (eTOD)

AIXM 5 Mapper

AIXM 4.5 to AIXM 5 mapper and NOTAM to AIXM 5 mapper (Digital NOTAM)