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  • C-AIM

    Comsoft Solutions AIM is the next generation solution for Aeronautical Information Services. The advanced solution is fully in line with the ICAO Roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM and complies with the ADQ Implementing Rule (Regulation (EC) 73/2010).

    Our AIM offers wide-ranging functionality for Integrated Aeronautical Information Management. The data centric paradigm considers the Aeronautical Information data by introducing a harmonised AIXM presentation, together with corresponding Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The individual Aeronautical Information Services concentrate on the data acquisition, workflow, quality management and production of individual AIS products.

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AIM Products


    The backbone of our AIM solution is its central Aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB. It carries out the complete AIXM 5.1 data set implementation and is able to store terrain data. CADAS-AIMDB supports an ADQ workflow and comprises the business rules for data validation and consistency checks.

    CADAS-IMS (Comsoft Solutions Aeronautical Data Access System - Information Management & Services) is a sophisticated service integration platform for modern AIS applications. Plug-in modules like NOTAM and OPMET databases allow to individually tailor each implementation according to the customer's need. Configurable program workflows and filters guarantee the highest possible degree of adaptability.

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    CADAS-EPS, previously GroupVerve from Synclude, is a collaborative document management system specially designed for the electronic aeronautical information publication (eAIP), including supplements and circulars, and is an essential tool for modern AIS offices around the world. It is also a crucial landmark in the migration from AIS to AIM according to the ICAO Roadmap.
    CADAS-EPS is ready for configuration to comply with European Regulation EC 73/2010, commonly known as AIS Data Quality (ADQ).

    Comsoft Solutions eAIP manages the compilation, integration, production, maintenance and storage of the ICAO Annex 15 AIPs, AIP Amendments, AIP Supplements, AICs and all other custom publication types.
  • Procedure Design

    An integrated application assisting the procedure designer with the creation of flight procedures compatible with international safety requirements, by monitoring the designer’s actions, generating optimal recommendations and supplying documented reports.

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  • CADAS-ATS for Flight Plan Management and AFTN/AMHS messaging

    CADAS-ATS is our well-proven terminal solution providing messaging services for aeronautical offices, airlines and pilots. This user agent simultaneously processes AFTN and AMHS on one single platform and handles both the new and present flight plan format according to the relevant ICAO standards.

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