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  • C-AIM

    COMSOFT's Aeronautical Information Management solution is a new generation of Aeronautical Information Systems. C-AIM provides users with various functional modules for everyday static and dynamic data management such as NOTAM/TAM, MET/ROBEX, Briefing, eAIP and Charting.

    Airspace users and ATM operators both benefit from information of superior quality and integrity due to a native AIXM 5 implementation and completely digital data originator integration.

    This solution is in accordance with the respective ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and the ICAO draft "Roadmap for the Transition from AIS to AIM".

    C-AIM can be tailored according to customer needs and is composed out of a number of market leading products using open standards. The core component is the central Aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB which fully implements the new AIXM 5 standard.

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AIM Products


    COMSOFT's Aeronautical Data Access System – Aeronautical Information Management Database is a fully featured AIXM 5 database that implements the temporality model as defined in version 5 of AIXM. It is designed to server as a base for integration AIM applications and components such as electronic AIP, Charting, Procedure Design, NOTAM Office or Briefing.

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    COMSOFT's Aeronautical Data Access System - Information Management & Services is a sophisticated service integration platform for modern AIM applications. Plug-in modules like NOTAM and OPMET databases allow to individually tailor each implementation according to the customer's need. Configurable program workflows and filters guarantee the highest possible degree of adaptability.

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    CADAS-EPS, previously GroupVerve from Synclude, is a collaborative document management system specially designed for the electronic aeronautical information publication (eAIP), including supplements and circulars, and is an essential tool for modern AIS offices around the world. It is also a crucial landmark in the migration from AIS to AIM according to the ICAO Roadmap.
    CADAS-EPS is ready for configuration to comply with European Regulation EC 73/2010, commonly known as AIS Data Quality (ADQ).
    The COMSOFT solution is fully compatible with European standards and its integrated and easy-to-manage eAIP production environment, single-click publication and seamless interoperation with legacy systems have already won over many ANSPs in various ICAO regions including Estonian Air Navigation Services, CORPAC Peru, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation and Libyan Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Procedure Design - R.I.S.K.

    R.I.S.K. Company was established in 1993 under the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Company's premises are located in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the recent years R.I.S.K. became a leading supplier for Aeronautical Charting and Procedure and Airspace Design tools in the Central- and Eastern-European region with their PANDA product family.
    R.I.S.K.'s key focus is on high level of customer support and satisfaction which led to the highest customer satisfaction. R.I.S.K. Company's high quality human resource assures delivery of the highest standards in services and support - from a deep understanding of the product range to a straightforward ordering process, timely delivery, and quality pre-and post-sales service. All of client's needs and requirements will be discussed with specialists. 

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Related Products

  • CADAS-ATS for Flight Plan Management and AFTN/AMHS messaging

    COMSOFT's Aeronautical Data Access System - Air Traffic Services is an advanced and well-proven terminal solution, providing messaging services for aeronautical offices, airlines and pilots. Besides elaborate flight plan management it allows operating AFTN and AMHS in parallel by using a single integrated messaging application.

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